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Q. I lost a part or a guide. How can I replace it?
A. Visit our contact page and send us an email. Please tell us what set you own and try to describe the part you need replaced. We'll do our best to get it to you as quickly as possible. Please note that there may be small charge for the replacement part, depending on your need.

Q. What else can be built with Superstructs sets?
A. Superstructs is an open-ended building system, meaning there is no end to the creative posibilities. But to guide you along, we've lauched the Creative Zone, which features new models, activities, and even a user creations section. Click on "More Ideas" above to visit the Superstructs Creative Zone.

Q. Where can I look for product safety information?
A. Superstructs conform to ASTM F963-03, the American Society for Testing and Materials standard for toy safety (see www.astm.org). Because Superstructs are also sold in Europe, where even more restrictions are in place, Superstructs exceed the thorough EN-71 (parts 1, 2, and 3) test requirements for young children. All components have been retested and passed by an independent and accredited testing organization. For additional information on Superstructs toy safety, please contact us.

Q. What are the Superstructs panels made of?
A. Superstructs' panels are made of safe and durable EVA foam. EVA is a closed-cell, non-toxic, scent-free and ammonia-free foam material used in an increasing number of children's toys and play mats. Superstructs' panels are extremely lightweight and do not add significantly to the overall model weight - making them easy for children to handle. Some sets include panels that are printed with detail to aid a child orient them during assembly and add important visual details to the finished models themselves.

Q. For what age group are Superstructs most appropriate?
A. Superstructs construction sets are appropriate for children 3 and up.

Q. How do Superstructs rods, connectors and panels help children develop their skills?
A. We remember things we learn as part of an active, creative process far better than the things we are told passively. Educators call this learning by making and it is the best way to acquire and improve a child's skills.

Q. Do the Construction Guides help make a difference?
A. They certainly do! Superstructs building sets come with complete, wordless, and step-by-step assembly instructions. WABA Fun thoroughly tests and refines these assembly instructions with its target demographic. The process of reducing the assembly to steps and visually showing each stage of the construction helps to foster a child's self-confidence and allows that child to build models on their own.