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pinklets - Lilies & Friends

  • Item#: 0901
  • Ages: 3-11
  • Pieces: 60

Price: USD $22.99

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Small Parts.
Not For Children Under 3 Years.

Creativity Goes Exquisitely "Pink" with The Fairy Garden

The pinklets Lilies and Friends theme includes 60 plastic rods, connectors, wheels and decorative EVA foam flowers, leaves and wings. Lilies and Friends is the perfect starter set for young girls and includes 32 page guide with step-by-step plans to create three friends, two environments and one fairy for endless role playing and story telling fun. Pinklets Lilies and Friends can be used in conjunction with other Superstructs pieces and sets and allows for never ending play possibilities. Superstructs pinklets Lilies and Friends comes in a heavy canister that is perfect for transporting and storing all the pieces.

Superstructs pinklets are designed for girls and the way girls want to build. pinklets embrace the themes young girl builders' want with easy-to-assemble components - and just enough structure - to create their own environments for nearly endless role play and storytelling.

  • Includes plans to build five enchanting environments and models for creative play
  • Designed for girls the way they build and play!
  • Packaged in a 6.5"x6.5"x9" (LxWxH) Canister - perfect to store all the pieces!

Combine this set with others to build even bigger creations!